Country Florist

Wedding Worksheet

Congratulations on your engagement! We are so glad you came to us for your wedding flowers. We know that planning can be overwhelming but no worries, this is what we do! This form will help us have a better understanding for what you are looking for in your wedding flowers and give you an idea of what we will be asking during our consultation.

Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
Groom's Name *
Groom's Name
Coordinator, mom, aunt, maid of honor etc. just someone to contact if we have questions the day of.
We want to see what color scheme/ style you have in mind so seeing your photos helps us create something that is still unique to you, but in the style that best fits you
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Time of Ceremony/ Reception *
Time of Ceremony/ Reception
What's your style? Country, rustic, classic, boho... Just give us a brief description of the look you are going for.
What style, size, and color scheme do you see for the bridal bouquet?
What color(s) would you like the ribbon that we wrap around your bouquets/ boutonnieres to be?
Please provide ages
Please provide ages
This could be for the officiant, or special person you'd like to recognize
What do you have in mind for your ceremony space? Do you see an archway? Aisle flowers? Anything you'd like to see at the ceremony please list here with a description
Think about what else you'd like at your reception. This could be cake flowers, garlands, card table arrangements, cocktail table centerpieces... or whatever
Please provide how many tables you will have and what you had in mind for your centerpieces
Are you tables long? Rounds? Specific sizes help us design the best centerpiece for that table.
If you haven't checked out our rental section on our website, do it! We have everything from candle votives to tall harlow stands.
Anything else you wanted us to know about your wedding