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Our Growers

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We believe in supporting our local businesses within the community and we happen to have some of the best growers, artists, and creative people right here in the Indiana/Michigan area. And no we’re not biased one bit. They dedicate their lives to creating a beautiful living product (which is not easy by the way) that we all get to love and enjoy.

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Just Bloom:

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Mary McDowell:

Mary is a native Hoosier who grew up gardening. Her travels have inspired a love of herbs, flowers and vegetable gardening. On a five acre historic property outside of North Liberty, Mary has cultivated English, Munstead and Hidcote Lavender. Over 200 lavender plants are in the first years of growth in a dedicated field. Additionally, over 100 dahlias are in place for the year, and will provide over 50 varieties of dinnerplate size and shades of bright pink, vibrant yellow, deep red and creamy peach. An educator by profession, Mary enjoys sharing her passion with others. This year’s new venture includes 18 varieties os Sweet Peas.